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I study at the only university in the UK named after a village

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I study in the vibrant city of Liverpool

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I'm a student in the medieval city of Nottingham

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nottingham student storage


I study in the Roman city of Chester

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chester student storage


I’m a student in the city of 6 towns

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I study in the vibrant, creative city of Derby

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derby student storage

Why choose Chaffinch Student?

  • Our student-centric services include collection, delivery and packing materials.
  • Your stuff is safe with us. And we also make sure that each box is insured for up to £50.
  • The hassle is taken out of organising storage with our simple quote and book system.
  • Get your stuff shipped at a time and to a place that’s convenient for you - our moving service covers the entire UK.
  • There are absolutely no hidden charges. No nasty surprises in store here!

We’re also one of the only national brands whose service is just for students. Because of this, we understand the importance of providing affordable storage simply and quickly.

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