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Simply book your storage online and wait for your empty boxes to be delivered to your door. Pack your stuff carefully (using our packing supplies and tips if you need them) and protect any items that are fragile. We'll then pick your stuff up and store it for as long as you need.
Just about anything! But please see the prohibited items list before you pack
Not a problem! Suitcases are included in all our pricing so there is no extra charge for your suitcases.
You can use plastic bags to store your items but these will not be covered by our insurance policy. To make sure you take advantage of the insurance included, please make sure your belongings are stored in a sealed box (with a lid, please!).
You can store almost anything with Chaffinch Student, however we do need to charge a little bit extra for some bulky items, like furniture, chairs, fridges and pictures contact us to tell us what you need to store.
The sooner the better. If you need a collection the same day as booking, please contact us (we may need to provide a small fee)
Please make sure that the weight of any of your boxes does not exceed 25kgs. If you have single items that are heavier then we may still be able to store them but please let us know about this beforehand. The easiest test is that if it is too heavy for you to carry, then it will be too heavy for our drivers to carry.
For as long as you need us to. We offer a range of flexible storage solutions. Get a quote.
Absolutely. Make your storage booking and tell us your delivery details later on when you have more info.
We understand that events may mean you need to retrieve some items from your boxes. We can re-deliver the boxes you need but there may be an additional charge for this. Please contact us.
Yes. We store lots of bikes for students at very competitive prices. But please ensure that any saddles/pockets are empty before collection.

Collections & Deliveries

Yes. He will call you on the number that you have provided.
Our collection options are designed just for students, including evening collections at no extra cost.
See our locations information. If you can’t see your location then please contact us as we may still be able to help.
Yes. Most of the universities we cover include weekend and evening collection options at no extra charge.
It’s easier for us to collect/deliver your stuff on the Ground Floor. If you require assistance from the drivers to bring your boxes from your room then please contact us, however this is discretionary and we cannot guarantee that a room delivery is available. Our drivers collect or deliver to the ground floor as standard. We are happy to collect from a reception or concierge however these are left at your own risk.
You can change your booking up to 24 hours before the booked collection. Please try to avoid frequent changes to ensure the most popular collection slots are still available for those who need them.
You can change your booking up to 24 hours before your collection. If you don’t give us notice that you need to miss your collection or delivery our drivers will attempt to contact you for up to 20 minutes whilst they wait. If you miss your collection completely without telling us, we may have to charge a £25 rebooking fee.
We operate a complex logistics process to provide the levels of service we do. If your boxes are being returned to the same university or city, delivery is from just £5.50 per standard box. If you are moving to a different city, university or country, an additional charge for the move will apply but we provide great value quotes to move your belongings. We operate a detailed schedule, where we can provide off-cycle collections/deliveries if you need to upgrade, however we may need to charge for this. Simply choose one of our flexible delivery options to suit your needs.
The driver will arrive within the booked collection window. Please ensure that you are available for the whole collection window. Where our driver may be delayed by circumstances beyond their control (such as bad weather, traffic or vehicle problems.) you will be notified as soon as possible.
Log-in to our booking system and provide the details that we require. We’ll need your address and contact information so please have it handy.
Yes. Please let us know the details beforehand and this can be arranged.
Unfortunately, our drivers are very busy and are on a packed schedule. To ensure that our drivers are not late for other collections and deliveries, we may need to rebook your collection if you’re not ready (this may be charged at £25).


Yes, but subject to size (45cm x 45cm x 45cm) and weight limits (25kg). If your boxes are larger than these dimensions, contact us with details and we may be able to store them
If you need them, we can supply you with our box package which is: 4 x XL boxes (420mm x 420mm x 525 mm) These boxes are great for duvets, winter coats, clothes hangers and any large (but light!) items 4 x standard boxes (420mm x 420mm x 420mm) These boxes are great for shoes, clothes, computer equipment, printers and any medium weight items. You’ll also get some free packing tape and a free packing guide to help you to secure the boxes.
If you need to buy boxes from us please allow up to 3 working days before your collection date for your boxes to arrive and to allow you enough time to pack.
We generate a unique code for each of our customers. However, we always recommend you put your name and phone number on the boxes.
Absolutely. We love to make the world a greener place so we actively encourage you to reuse your boxes. If you are going to throw them away, our packaging is 100% recyclable so please recycle them when you can!
Unfortunately, we cannot pack the boxes for you, but check out our Packing Tips for loads of help and advice.


All our facilities are covered by CCTV, intruder-alarmed and are very secure. Unlike other operators we do not allow public access to our warehouse to ensure the highest levels of security. Our sister company specialises in high-security information storage. We are serious about security of your boxes.
We treat your privacy with the utmost priority. However, please note that on very rare occasions we may be forced to open boxes due to weight, health and safety of our staff and/or police instruction.
It’s important that all of our staff complete thorough training. They are trained to treat your belongings with great care and respect at all times.


Our service is designed specifically for students, so we understand that you may have graduated and need to move to another city for a postgraduate or that you just need a hand to move back home. Pack your things into the boxes, we’ll collect them and then arrange secure delivery to your chosen destination within 72 hours. We have different levels of service so if you need to move the same day, contact us and we can help.
Whilst we cannot guarantee that this is the case, it may be possible for you to get a lift with the driver to your chosen MOVE destination. If you would like to explore this please contact us.


We make it as easy as possible for you to pay. We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express through our online booking system. In addition, we also accept payment via PayPal.
Yes, we offer insurance up to £100 per box/bulky item as standard. This is included in all of our prices. However, if you have valuable items like musical instruments or electronics, we can arrange additional insurance so please contact us for a quote. Please be aware that there are some items that we can’t insure. These items include mirrors, crockery, glassware and other very fragile or easily breakable items. Also, plastic bags and laundry bags provide no protection for your belongings – we cannot insure anything stored this way. Our terms and conditions detail our insurance policy
You can cancel or change your booking free of charge. To do this, we’ll need at least 24 hours notice. We understand that plans change so our service is built around flexibility and efficiency so changing your booking is no problem at all provided we are given notice.Unfortunately, any moves or bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a £40 cancellation charge.
We offer the best service around, and for the best prices we request that your storage is paid for on collection. If you need to extend your storage time then we charge this when you inform us. This takes away the burden of you making sure payments up to date etc.
We know that sometimes plans can change quickly. In the event that you need us to store your boxes for a longer term that is no problem. We just ask that you let us know as soon as possible. If we don’t hear from you within 30 days of the end of the storage period you paid for, we will make every attempt to contact you before taking further steps. Please see terms and conditions.