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Standard Boxes Tooltip Up to 42×42×42cm each.

Large Boxes/Suitcases Tooltip Up to 55×55×55cm each.

Bulky Items Tooltip Boxes over 55×55×55cm or other items such as musical instruments, ironing boards, bicycles etc

Would you like to buy boxes and packing supplies? Tooltip We aim to ship boxes within three working days.

Prime Box Package - 15% off Tooltip 2 × Standard boxes, 2 × XL boxes, 1 × Tape £12.00 each

Super Box Package - 25% off Tooltip 4 × Standard boxes, 4 × XL boxes, 1 × Tape £20.00 each

XL Box Tooltip £3.50 each

Standard Box Tooltip £3.00 each

Bubble Wrap - 5m Tooltip £3.50 each

Packing Tape Tooltip £1.25 each

Poster Tube Tooltip £3.50 each