I think it's pretty clear that, at Chaffinch Student, we love being green. It's not only our logo that's green but our ethos, wherever possible we try to do our best for the environment.

Recently we've upgraded all of our packaging and now all of our cardboard boxes are 100% bio-degradable! Not only that but the polythene bags they come in are 100% bio-degradable too.

By encouraging the use of short-term storage we already offer a more eco-friendly way to deal with the student holiday periods - by using vehicles purpose built for moving items we offer a more efficient way to move your belongings than using a standard car, it's often a much shorter journey too! For international students we offer a much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution than shipping internationally. And now that we store your belongings in fully bio-degradable packaging we've reduced the environmental cost even further.

As a famous frog once sang; "it's not easy being green" but we're determined to show that it is not difficult either.