Student Storage Nottingham

The UK's best value student storage service comes to Nottingham

Nottingham is a world leading city when it comes to education. Its two universities are attended by over 60,000 students, with the University of Nottingham being ranked in the top 1% of global institutions. With so many students studying, working and living in the city, it is no surprise that our student storage and moves service is very popular. We provide excellent value storage for student's from over 75 countries who have made Nottingham their home. 

With the huge growth in purpose built student accommodation, the need for storage has grown dramatically. Smart students have been choosing Chaffinch Student as their storage provider since 2011, enjoying unbeatable prices and service levels. Those needing to move universities for summer school, undergraduate or postgraduate degrees are able to take advantage of our affordable moves service. 


We cover the following universities and colleges:

  • University of Nottingham
  • Nottingham Trent University

Choose Chaffinch Student to store your stuff and we'll:

  • Pick up your stuff up, free of charge - no hidden charges
  • Supply boxes if you need them.
  • Store your belongings securely, for as long as you need us to.
  • Deliver your stuff back to Nottingham for free, even during evenings and weekends.
  • Provide a great service that you can rely on.