Room Packing Booking Form

Chaffinch Student is one of the UK’s leading student storage providers. We are working with selected accommodation partners to provide a room packing service for students who have had to leave their accommodation early due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are here to help, and will work with your accommodation provider to get your belongings packed as soon as possible after your booking. Once packed, your stuff will then be moved into storage, where you can advise us further.

Please note that the cost below does not include the cost of storage, or UK/international delivery.

Packing Cost = £240.00

Includes: Room Packing & Packing Supplies (boxes and tape)

Excludes: Storage costs (from £4 per standard box per month). Delivery costs vary depending on volume and location.

Please note:

  • Book Early… Due to the very high volume of students requiring this service, we offer no guarantee that your belongings will be packed and removed prior to your contract end date, however we work very closely with our accommodation partners to ensure all situations are resolved in the best and quickest way possible
  • No food or perishable items will be packed.
  • No items in shared kitchens or spaces will be packed if not clearly labelled in a cupboard belonging to you.
  • We can accept no liability whatsoever for the removal, presence or condition of any items, as we have no way of verifying whether these items were present or the condition they were in when you left your accommodation, or monitoring whether anyone had access to your room during the lockdown period. Our operatives are all long term partners, DBS-security checked, and our team leaders are former UK police officers.
  • The services does not include removal of rubbish from your room. Only items which would reasonably be stored in our normal storage service shall be packed. Any rubbish will be dealt with by your accommodation provider.
  • Due to the high volume of students requiring this service, it is vital that your payments are kept up to date. If any of your payments fall overdue the process will be as follows:
    • Immediately – Email Notification advising payment failed
    • 7 Days – Final notice requesting payment
    • 14 Days – Your belongings will be disposed of without further recourse.
  • If we do not receive any responses to our communications, you will be deemed to have received all our notifications and communications.

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