Student Storage Chester

Studying at Chester University? We provide great value summer student storage.

Chester is a city packed with history, whilst at the same time being a truly modern metropolis with shopping, eating and living to suit all 20,000 students who live in the region. The University of Chester is a modern 21st educational institution, with a multi-campus setup. All students, both domestic and international face the question about where to store their stuff over the summer vacation. Flexible, cheap storage over the holiday is always a first class answer to the student storage question. Chaffinch Student help students across the region store and move their belongings between cities across the UK, with great value student storage, UK university moves and shipping across the globe.

Chester is a city founded by the Romans in 79AD, and is home to Chester Racecourse, which is the UK's oldest still-used sporting venue. Whether students need cheap storage space, and great value a student storage and moves services, Chaffinch Student offers a fantastic value solution to our customers from around the world.  

We cover the following universities and colleges:

  • University of Chester
  • University of Chester - Warrington Campus
  • University of Chester - Shrewsbury Campus

Boxes begin from as little as 95p per week!

Choose Chaffinch Student to store your stuff and we'll:

  • Pick up your stuff up, free of charge.
  • Supply boxes if you need them.
  • Store your belongings securely, for as long as you need us to.
  • Deliver your stuff back to Chester from just £5.50 per box.
  • Provide a great value moving service to any university across the UK, if you need it.