Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are for www.chaffinchstudent.co.uk. By using/placing an order through this website for any products or services, you agree to be bound by these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, please refrain from using our website. Please read these carefully before placing your order. Chaffinch Student reserves the right to refuse to provide the service where we consider that it may be used; in breach of these terms, for any unlawful or unethical purpose, or for any other reason. Please note we have the right to revise these terms at any stage by updating this page. Chaffinch Student reserves the right to amend or alter these terms and conditions without notifying any third party, except for their publication on this website. Any amendments shall take effect 5 working days following their publication on this website.

Information about us

The Chaffinch Student and Chaffinch Living brands are owned and distributed by Chaffinch Hire Limited, The Tileworks, Ellgreave Street, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 4DJ. In addition, a number of our approved partners may also promote and distribute information about our brand, however this must only be done so with the express permission of Chaffinch Student.


1. “Agreement” means the agreement entered into between you and Chaffinch Student for the provision of the Service on these Terms of Service;
2. “Goods” means the items which you pack into Storage Containers for storage or moving by Chaffinch Student;
3. “Packaging Requirements” relates to the packing requirements and instructions issued by Chaffinch Student;
4. “Service” means the services referred to in clause 6.1;
5. “Website” means Chaffinch Student’s website(s) at www.chaffinchstudent.co.uk or other domains operated by the company;
6. “Storage Container” means a Chaffinch Student-supplied storage box, or a box, case or bag which you provide in accordance with clause 8.3, in either case for packing, transporting and storage of your Goods.

The Service

In return for the payments we levy for our services, Chaffinch Student shall;

1. By request, deliver packing materials, including storage containers, to your specified delivery address;
2. By request, collect the Storage Containers you have packed with your Goods, suitably secured and sealed by you, from the ground floor of your specified collection address on the collection date chosen by you on our website;
3. Transport the Storage Containers outlined above to Chaffinch Student’s storage facility and store them securely;
4. By request, deliver the Storage Containers you have packed with your Goods, suitably secured and sealed by you, to the ground floor of your specified delivery address on our website;

Room Packing Service

Our room packing service is offered through selected accommodation partners in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You agree that there may be additional fees may be payable as outlined in the website for collections and deliveries on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday. You also agree to pay reasonable additional fees for an urgent collection or delivery that is booked less that 24 hours before the date it is required.

You agree that additional fees shall be payable for deliveries between different cities in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) or for international addresses. For different cities in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) the charges are outlined on this website. For international deliveries, you shall be required to confirm your agree with the charges and instruct the service before paying the fees in full before delivery.

Minimum Period of Storage

Minimum period of storage is 1 month.

There is no maximum period of storage, however Chaffinch Student reserves the right to instruct you to collect your Goods and Storage Containers within 10 working days following the end of your initial storage period, if an agreement is not reached to continue storing your Storage Containers. Where an extension to your storage period is agreed, all payments must be made in a timely manner in line with these Terms of Service.

Collections & Deliveries

You agree that additional fees shall be payable for deliveries to the same city and between different cities in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) or for international addresses. For different cities in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) the charges are outlined on this website, which shall be finalised at the point of booking your delivery, at which point you shall be required to confirm your agreement with the charge and pay the fees in full before delivery. For international deliveries, you shall be required to confirm your agreement with the charges and instruct the service before paying the fees in full before delivery.

The time slots given by Chaffinch Student on this website for collections, deliveries or deliveries of packing materials are estimates only. Chaffinch Student shall not be liable for any delays.
Chaffinch Student reserves the right to cancel or postpone any collection or delivery where we consider that it may endanger any employee, agent or contractor or member of the general public due to (including but not limited to) severe weather conditions or through restrictions in access to your collection or delivery address.


Payment can be made via credit/debit care only. Please remember that credit/debit card payments will be taken and settled at order placement. By placing an order and making payment, we also retain authorisation to deduct future payments for additional services you request from the same card. You must not use an account that does not belong to you. If your card issuer refuses payment for any reason, we will not be liable for the non-delivery of goods. We retain legal ownership of all products until full payment has been made.

You will punctually pay to Chaffinch Student all charges and other sums due to it under these terms of service.

Your Obligations

You will immediately before the commencement of and throughout the period of storage of the Goods insure them against loss, damage or destruction by fire, theft and all other risks usually insured against in a comprehensive chattels or contents insurance policy and will on request from Chaffinch Student show to it or its operative the policy of such insurance and proof of payment of the premium. You will not be entitled to claim against Chaffinch Student or any of its operatives for any loss, damage to or destruction of the Goods or any of them occurring at a time when no such insurance exists (unless such loss, damage or destruction has been caused by the willful act of Chaffinch Student or its operatives).

You are responsible for obtaining and ensuring that Chaffinch Student or its appointed agents have such access and parking facilities as may be reasonably required to carry out the Services.
Either you or someone authorised by you is present, during the delivery, collection and return of the Storage Containers, and you must ensure that your contact details that you provide to Chaffinch Student remain accessible, accurate and up-to-date.

You will notify Chaffinch Student of any changes to your requested collection, delivery or packing materials orders by 12 noon on the working day (Monday-Friday excluding Bank Holidays) before the collection or delivery takes place. Chaffinch Student reserves the right to raise an additional charge of £25 for changes to your details notified to us after 12 noon on the working day before the collection or delivery takes place.

Packing & Storage Containers

We will ensure that your Goods are securely packed into Storage Containers in accordance with the Packaging Requirements outlined by Chaffinch Student, and are secured and suitably prepared for transport and storage so as not to cause damage or injury or the risk of damage or injury to any property, employees, agents, contractors or other goods of Chaffinch Student, whether by spreading of damp, infestation, leakage or the escape of fumes or substances or otherwise. In particular, if the Goods are fragile you must ensure they are thoroughly bubble wrapped in multiple layers and carefully packed.

No foods or perishable items will be packed and stored, and will be left in situ.

No items will be packed from shared kitchens or spaces, unless clearly and specifically in a cupboard marked with your name.

We cannot carry out any special requests to search for and pack individual items. Our operatives cannot guarantee that they can contact you during the packing service.

Once your packing has been completed, any requests from you to return to your room for any reason will be treated as a separate packing service and charged accordingly. Our operatives will pack your containers as they deem appropriate. Your containers will be filled to make the best use of space. You will be charged for storage according to the number of boxes which result.

We may use suitcases or your own containers if present in your room. They must measure less that 50cm x 50cm x 50cm to be classed as a “Box” for the Purposes of our service, unless they are categorized as a suitcase;

1. Suitcases are defined as being specifically manufactured for the transportation of Goods and sold, defined and supplied by a UK retailer. Suitcases shall measure less than 90cm x 70cm x 50cm;
2. Storage Containers that are greater than 50cm x 50cm x 50cm must be stored as “Bulky Items” as defined by this website; A “Bulky Item” is defined as having dimensions greater than 50cm x 50cm x 50cm, weighing less than 25kgs, and must be able to be carried by one person. If you wish to store items that are larger than any of the above characteristics of a “Bulky Item” that you wish to store, please contact Chaffinch Student to obtain a quotation. Chaffinch Student reserves the right to raise additional charges to store such items.

Weight Limit

No Storage Container, whether supplied by Chaffinch Student or you may exceed 25 kg.

Any Storage Container exceeding the maximum weight shall;

1. Incur a surcharge of £30 plus £1.25 per kilogramme per box in excess of 25kg. The penalty is applicable per order containing one (or more) item(s) that are overweight;
2. Chaffinch Student reserves the right to re-pack Storage Containers weighing more than 25kg into one or more Storage Containers that weight under the weight limit. A charge may be raised to re-pack over-weight Storage Containers of £5 per box. Where over-weight Storage Containers are packed into more than one box, the charge shall apply to each new box packed.
3. A change to the price of your storage may apply if the total number of boxes exceeds the limit of the storage you paid for. Chaffinch Student or its appointed agents reserve the right to refuse to collect or deliver any Storage Container supplied by you.

Your Goods

You warrant that none of the Goods is or contains or comprises;

1. Any dangerous, illegal, noxious, odorous other otherwise offensive substance or material;
2. Any plant or vegetable matter, animal, bird, fish, insect or other deleterious or decaying substance or material;
3. Any infectious or contagious or other substance or material involving potential harm to others;
4. Any liquids or semi-liquids packed in glass or plastic containers;
5. Any perishable, or non-vacuum packed foods;
6. Any antiques or valuable items;
7. Any combustible or flammable materials, liquids or compressed gases, including but not limited to, diesel, petrol, oil, gas, artificial fertilizer or cleaning solvents;
8. Any infectious or contagious or other substance or material involving;
9. Any explosives, weapons or ammunition;
10. Any sharp knives or other kitchen implements unless the blade is fully protected with a suitable packing material;
11. Any chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents, including household cleaners;
12. Any other toxic, flammable or hazardous substance or preparations, classified as such under applicable law;

If Chaffinch Student becomes aware of any of the prohibited items are contained within your, such items will not be packed and will remain in your room. , and the rest of the Goods within that Storage Container will be searched for further prohibited items, which if found, will also be removed and disposed. An adminstration fee of £100 will be charged for each Storage Container that is found to contain prohibited items. Further disposal fees may also be applied depending on the nature of the prohibited item(s).

The services does not include removal of rubbish from your room. Only items which would reasonably be stored in our normal storage service shall be packed. Any rubbish will be dealt with by your accommodation provider.

You agree that Chaffinch Student or its appointed agents may open your Storage Containers to inspect the Goods contained within, without providing you with any prior notification, in the event that;

1. We are required to be any lawful authority;
2. We have reasonable grounds to suspect that any prohibited items are contained within your Storage Containers;
3. We believe that your Goods may have become insecure;
4. The storage, or continued storage, of the Goods would represent a risk to the safety of any person, the security of the storage facility, or any other goods stored at the storage facility.

You agree that you retain the authorisation and title to store the goods. Should Chaffinch Student become aware of any third party claim to title of Goods in your Storage Containers, we reserve the right to retain all or any part of your Storage Containers pending an investigation.

Storage Charges

You shall pay the initial charge outlined on this site in full at the time of booking.

You shall pay to Chaffinch Student charges for the Service as follows:

1. Where you sign up to the Service, and your Storage Period extends beyond the paid-for time, you shall pay Chaffinch Student’s standard rates of £18.50 per week for the time being in force as detailed on the Site;
2. Where you sign up to the Service for a specified minimum period, Chaffinch Student will email you at your specified email address 14 days before the minimum period expires, and you will have the option to extend the Service, and pay the charges associated. If you do not choose to extend the Service, you shall either:
a. terminate the Agreement; or
b. be deemed to sign up to the Service on a rolling month by month, or week by week basis and shall pay Chaffinch Student’s charges for the Service.
Chaffinch Student reserves the right to increase the charges originally deemed payable by you from time to time, upon notification to you that;
1. a Storage Container has dimensions greater than 500mm x 500mm x 500mm and has been stored as a standard “Box”;
2. an item exceeds the maximum weight limit of 25kg;
3. a Bulky Item that has not previously been advised to us requires more than one person to move, transport and store it.

Chaffinch Student reserves the right to apply a £45 handling charge for any Bulky Item that was not previously notified to us and your account will be amended to reflect this fact.

All charges are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate. If the rate of VAT changes, Chaffinch Student reserves the right to adjust your charges to account for the change in VAT from the date that this takes effect.

Chaffinch Student can, by request, either check, inspect or open your Storage Containers whilst they are in storage to verify a piece of information requested by you. Chaffinch Student will raise a charge of £15 to check up to 10 boxes.

Any charges for Chaffinch Student to transport your belongings to your specified return address, whether the same city, a different city or internationally, the cost of which will be notified to you beforehand upon presentation of your full address, are payable in full when you arrange for your Storage Containers to be delivered.

If you add further Storage Containers to your storage order after your collection, an additional collection fee of £35 may apply, and the additional item may increase the cost of your storage order. These will be calculated based on the total number of Storage Containers in your order.

All additional charges which you may add to your storage order will be taken via the pre-authorisation obtained from your credit/debit card you used at the time of booking. You will be notified in advance of any additional charges applying. Chaffinch Student may charge a £10 administration fee if the issuer of your payment card refuses, or for any reason, does not authorize the payment to Chaffinch Student.
Chaffinch Student reserves the right to charge interest on any outstanding amounts not received by the due date at 5% per annum above the base lending rate of Lloyds Bank plc.

Chaffinch Student may review their charges from time to time. If the standard charge should increase, this will apply to all new orders effective immediately. For all existing customers any increases shall be notified up to no less than 10 working days in advance of you being charged. For customers who have prepaid for their initial storage period, any increases shall not take affect during the prepaid storage period, and shall only be applicable to any extensions.

Chaffinch Student reserves the right to raise additional charges if;

1. You provide inaccurate address and contact information;
2. You are unavailable during your specified delivery or collection slot for any reason;
3. Our driver must wait for longer than 15 minutes after notifying you of his arrival at your collection or delivery address, using the contact details you provided to us at the time of booking;
4. You or Chaffinch Student (or its appointed agent) are unable to access your collection or delivery address for any reason;
5. Your collection or delivery takes place with less than 48 hours notice or on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday;
6. The collection or delivery of your Storage Containers is to a floor above the ground floor and there is no lift available.

Right to dispose of Goods

If you do not pay all charges outlined in the agreement Chaffinch Student has to right to retain, withhold and dispose of all Goods and Storage Containers. You will still be responsible for all outstanding storage charges incurred during this period.

Chaffinch Student will make reasonable efforts to contact you using the contact details provided by you at the time of your booking, following the end of your agreed storage period, or within 14 days of any failure to pay the charges applicable to your accounts as outlined in these Terms of Service.

If the default or breach specified in a Notice of Default is not fully remedied or made good within 14 days after such Notice is given to the Owner to terminate the Contract and/or the storage of the Goods without further notice and remove them from the premises and to sell the Goods and recover all and any unpaid Storage Charges, other sums due from the Owner, interest and costs of storage, removal and/or sale of the Goods out of the proceeds; and to claim and recover from the Owner or (if more than one) any one or more or all of the Owners by legal action all unpaid Storage Charges, other sums due from the Owner, damages, interest, and costs (so far as not recovered from the proceeds of any sale of the Goods by Chaffinch Student).
You will be liable for the costs of disposing of your belongings, which Chaffinch Student will attempt to recover from the sale of your belongings. If a viable sale of your belongings is not deemed to be likely, Chaffinch Student may donate your Goods to a charity of its choosing.

Right to cancel

Each order and/or request placed by you shall constitute a separate contract between you and Chaffinch Student on these Terms of Service. You have the right to change your mind and cancel each contract within 14 calendar days after the day on which you entered into the contract with Chaffinch Student. If you wish to cancel, you must notify us in writing, by email. If you cancel after 14 days have elapsed after the day on which you place your order, the minimum storage period, as outlined above, shall apply. Chaffinch Student shall refund your payment, less the cost of the minimum storage period, which is advertised on this website.

Intellectual property

All rights including copyrights in this website are owned by Chaffinch Student (UK) Limited. Therefore, no one may copy, distribute or create any derivative work from this site.

Promotional codes

Unless otherwise stated: only one promotional code can be used per order. We are unable to honour promotional codes outside the validity period. We reserve the right to remove a promotion or discount at any given time.

Feedback & Reviews

Where Chaffinch Student receives any feedback or suggestions in relation to the website or our service, you agree that Chaffinch Student may use this as it sees fit. This does not affect your statutory rights under the terms of our Privacy Policy.


Insurance is not included in the room packing service. You should check your student insurance policy to ensure that you are covered.

Chaffinch Student accepts no liability whatsoever for the loss, damage or otherwise non-presence of any item which is claimed to have been present but not packed, or packed and is damaged. This is because there is no way of verifying either the presence or condition of any items at the point you left your room, or whether any 3rd parties have had access to your room since you left.

As such, any claims for compensation will be rejected and you will be pointed to the section of these terms and conditions which outlined this fact.

Limitation of Liability

Chaffinch Student will insure the premises where the Storage Containers are stored against damage or destruction by fire, vandalism and other risks usually insured against in a buildings insurance policy (but the you must insure the Goods against loss, damage or destruction by fire, theft and all other risks usually insured against in a comprehensive chattels or contents insurance policy), subject to the below;

Chaffinch Student limits its liability to you in contract, tort, bailment or otherwise for your Goods. You agree that Chaffinch Student is unaware of the value of the Goods you store and does not insure these goods.

Chaffinch Student shall not in any event be responsible in contract, tort (including negligence), bailment, or otherwise for loss or damage that falls into the following categories:

1. Loss or damage to the Goods which is not the direct result of a breach of this Agreement by Chaffinch Student or any deliberate or negligent act or omission on the part of Chaffinch Student.
2. Indirect or consequential loss that arises, such as missed flights, missed appointments, even if Chaffinch Student was aware of the possibility of such a loss.
3. Loss or damage to the Goods caused by you failing to comply with this Agreement.
4. Loss or damage to Goods not packed in compliance with our Packaging Requirements.
5. Loss or damage arising from your Goods being seized under any law or court order.

Nothing in these Terms of Service excludes or limits Chaffinch Students liability for death or personal injury caused by Chaffinch Student’s negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

You may (without prejudice to any claim or remedy Chaffinch Student may have subject to this Contract) terminate the storage of the Goods at the end of the agreed minimum storage period by requesting the re-delivery of your Storage Containers. Chaffinch Student reserves the right to terminate this Contract and the storage of the Goods by giving the Owner 30 days Notice of Termination. Following receipt of a termination notice, you must contact Chaffinch Student to make arrangements for the delivery of your Storage Containers and pay any outstanding charges.

Notices, service and dispute resolution

Any notice under this Contract shall be given either in writing or by mobile phone text message or email sent or delivered to the contract address or number already stated above of the party to whom it is to be given.

Chaffinch Student may change the contact details stated above of that party by changing the terms and conditions contained on this page. Chaffinch Student is not obligated to otherwise contact you with details of such amendments.

Any question, difference or dispute concerning this Contract or the meaning or effect of any term, condition or provision of this Contract or concerning any amount due from you under this Contract shall be determined by an independent surveyor or solicitor appointed by agreement between the parties or in default of agreement by the President for the time being of the North Staffordshire Law Society acting as an expert and not as an arbitrator and such surveyor or solicitor shall in making such determination have power to determine which of the parties shall pay the costs of his or her appointment and determinations or whether both parties shall contribute towards the payment of such costs and in what proportions they shall contribute and the determinations of such surveyor or solicitors shall be final, binding and conclusive on the parties.

Provided that nothing in this Part of this Section of the Contract shall preclude or delay Chaffinch Student from claiming by legal action against the you or any one or more or all the you (if more than one)any arrears or alleged arrears of Storage Charges, other sums, damages, interest or costs due from under this Contract or for any other breach of any obligation of yours under this Contract or from exercising any right or remedy Chaffinch Student may have under this Contract on account of any such arrears or breach.

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.